Plazm #30 "Born Again"

Tons of great content including:
- David Lynch in conversation with Stephanie Snyder
- Corin Tucker
- Wangechi Mutu
- Bruce Sterling
- Erik Davis
- Sherry Turkle
- Zeloot
- Death by Cat
- Christina Seely
- Aurthur Bradford
- Kevin Sampsell
- Pull out poster by Dan Attoe

- Cover artist: Fang Lijun

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Founded in 1991 by Portland artists as a creative resource, today Plazm is an award-winning design firm led by creative directors Joshua Berger and Niko Courtelis. The annual Plazm magazine publishes challenging and innovative art, design, cultural, and literary works and is distributed worldwide.



Plazm #30 - the Rebirth Issue
Featuring David Lynch, Bruce Sterling, Douglas Rushkoff, Wangetchi Mutu, Corin Tucker, Christina Seely, Erik Davis, Sherry Turkle, lots more.
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The Plazm Collector's Box
21 remaining back issues of Plazm magazine packaged in a custom silkscreened box. Includes early Plazm handbills, flyers, posters, t-shirt, stickers. 199.00 - Add to cart


Plazm Design is an award-winning creative studio led by creative directors Joshua Berger and Niko Courtelis. View featured projects below or a full portfolio here.
Portland Center Stage posters
A series of nine posters for Portland's premier theater company. Our second season in collaboration with PCS also included a rebrand of the theater.
Swanson Studios web site relaunch
Beautiful commercial photography. Check the sexy speed-variable slide show interface.
Cooley Gallery branding
Rebranding for the Douglas F. Cooley Gallery at Reed College
400-page book for ESPN
A hardcover coffee table book featuring the greatest moments in sport from the past quarter-century.
Nike Zoom media kit
Asian product launch package for full line of new Nike Zoom footwear.