Plazm Magazine: Documenting Creative Culture Since 1991

Plazm is a magazine of design, art, and culture with worldwide distribution. Founded by artists as a creative resource, the magazine is now published by the nonprofit New Oregon Arts & Letters. Order Plazm #30 now.


Every page of Plazm magazine.

Issues 1-28, hand turned for your viewing pleasure by one of our trusty interns. Running time is just under an hour. Kick back, get a cup of coffee or another beverage of your choice, and enjoy. To learn about specific content in any of the back issues, click here for an overview. Some of the articles have been added to the site—you can find them in the navigation bar on your left. We are working on putting more online. If you have any requests, just drop us an email. Also, if you'd like to view a list of all contributors since 1991, click here.

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