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"To hell with the new."

So begins the newest issue of Plazm, the Pacific Northwest's premier art, culture, and design magazine. Plazm's largest issue ever clocks in at 160 pages of photography, art, and interviews featuring Yoko Ono, Art Chantry, Sue Coe, Storm Tharp, Todd Haynes, and JD Samson (formerly of Le Tigre), among many others. A release party is set for September 26 at the Ace Hotel in Portland with bands, DJ's, and an "End of War" art exhibit.

Plazm #29 delves into our culture's collective memory, from a collectible poster of Portland's DIY music history to previously unpublished photographs of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, unearthed by Thomas Robinson. Paintings of Bob Dylan by Todd Haynes, director of Far from Heaven, Velvet Goldmine, and the upcoming Dylan biopic I'm Not There, are published here for the first time. Yoko Ono says the flag-waving days of the '60s should be behind us, while Andrew Hultkrans traces ominous similarities between the Nixon administration and current politics.

Current life in Iraq, in the States, and in Portland are represented in photography by unembedded photographers, Robbie McLaren, and Daniel Peterson. Seripop's mind-blowing psychedelic poster designs make a splash along with new fiction from Domenick Ammirati. Curator Stephanie Snyder engages artist Jessica Jackson Hutchins in conversation, and Sarah Gottesdiener talks art, music, and queer culture with JD Samson. One section asks designers, writers, and performance artists to address the idea of "The End of War," with pieces by Alex Lilly, Marvin Bell, Rebeca Méndez and Adam Eeuwens, Lidia Yuknavitch, and Jamie McMurry, among others.

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