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The Political Problem of Luck

Julia Bryan-Wilson talks to Steve Kurtz of Critical Art Ensemble, the artist pursued by the US government as a suspected terrorist.

Public disasters spawn stories about luck, both good and bad. In the aftermath of the July 7 bombings in London in 2005, I heard about a woman who stopped to pick up her dry cleaning and missed her regular train (she lived). Then there was the man who walked quicker than usual to work and just happened to catch an earlier one (he died). Again and again, we are reminded of the fateful consequences of our arbitrary decisions. We rely upon “chance” to narrate the fact that so much cannot be controlled, that often we must give ourselves up to the contingencies and ongoing collisions between the felicities and infelicities that rule our lives. What, then, is the difference between chance and luck? How do we make sense of accidental circumstance in a time when we are told relentlessly of the paradoxical nature of terrorism, which is at once “random” (in terms of the victims it claims) yet is also assuredly and rigorously planned?

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Shopping Bag From India

Charles from Solielmoon Recordings brought this bag back from India as a gift. It's just a regular shopping bag, right? 


Harri Pälviranta: Battered
Photography series and interview examining the culture of violence in Finland.

Storm Tharp: Arrangement in Flesh and Black
Stephanie Snyder, director of the Cooley on Storm's recent body of work.
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Christina Seeley: Lux
A photographic mapping of the most brightly illuminated — and industrialized regions on the planet. More>>

Every Page of Plazm
Fifteen years of blood, sweat, and tears can be viewed in under an hour. Check it out.

In Conversation With Emigre
Rudy VanderLans in conversation with Plazm.

PDX Music Memory
In Plazm 29, we took a stab at documenting the scene. A by no means definitive effort.

David Byrne
Beth Urdang conducts an interview, and we publish photographs made by Mr. Byrne for Plazm #15.

Timeline of Dissent

The twentieth century saw nearly constant war and nearly constant protest of war. Plazm assembles a timeline of dissent.

Yoko Ono Interview Plazm's Joshua Berger interviews Yoko Ono about creative visualization, music, and the future.

Out of Hand: an Interview with Leonard Peltier

Imprisoned since 1976, Peltier continues to thrive as a writer, painter, and member of AIM.

Out of Darkness: DIN and the Mythic Power of Type
Rarely is typography viewed as part of an organic process of evolution...

Listening to OMD with Stephin Merritt
The musician behind the Magnetic Fields narrates OMD's Architecture and Morality.

Reversible Destiny: the Architecture of Arakawa & Madeline Gins
If you barrel down the Grand Neutralizing Parkway in the town of Yoro, Japan, you may safely lose your mind.
Whose Protecting Who?
Editorial by Martha Rosler with illustrations by Raymond Pettibon.